Oct 9, Tuesday

Based on the following table, I was able to obtain certain results while experimenting with red cabbage leaves.

GRAPH OF UNIVERSAL pH(independent variable)



Experiments were done on red cabbage leaves using the solutions available and the corresponding color change was noted and tabulated as follows.

Solution used End color of the leaf
Lemon juice(strong acid)pH = 0 to 2 1635465396_5e8848ed5d_t.jpg (reddish orange)
Coke(weak acid)pH = 3 to 6 1635465410_61e3c562de_t.jpg(pinkish)
Salty water(neutral)pH = 7 1635465414_bbea7751be_t.jpg(no change in colour)
Soapy water(weak base)pH = 8 to 12 1635465402_2eda51ca8c_t.jpg(darker pink)
Bleach(strong base)pH = 13 to 14 1635465408_0da9d23b97_t.jpg (greenish yellow)

Oct 13, Saturday

Today, all my project mates and I had a meeting with Roger to discuss the progress of the project. We were each assigned a job to do again. Anh and I were asked to edit the dDNA and Metazoaludens wikidot pages and create a wikidot site of own own. Besides, I was also asked to prepare a presentation on "cuteness", along with Max and John, to be presented in the following meeting.

Oct 19, Friday

Today, Anh and I worked together and editted the wikidot pages. We were almost done with it. Max, John and I discussed about the article on 'Hello Kitty' and came up with a few points on "cuteness". We decided to do more research on selected topics and I decided to do on the various aspects of sentiments that are reflected by cute "products".

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