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dDNA is a new form of living media used to communicate humanistic or organic information in the form of ambient media. In the fast pace modern world, people are generally too busy to monitor various significant social or human aspects or their lives, such as time spent with their family, their overall health, their drinking or smoking habits. By quantifying such information digitally, information is coupled into living organisms. Through the use of the organism’s glowing or color-changing characteristic, it will glow and dim or change color according to the data. Thus, organic-based information is coupled into a living and organic media.


A living capsule media is created where organic information is fed into a red cabbage which reacts in a way to show the respective color and pH change. A red cabbage leaf is purple on the surface and white on the sides. By taking chosen inputs (the solution) from the person, the system adjusts the volume through a valve, thereby adjusting the pH of the red cabbage. dDNA is conceived with the primary aim of creating an interactive living media for use as communicative media through ambient displays. Red cabbages may be used as living media by inserting electrodes into them to control the level of negative electrodes and hence the level of positive hydrogen ions within the red cabbages which may then cause changes in the color of the red cabbage accordingly.


pH is known to affect the color of certain plants like red cabbage (Brassica Oleracea). Hence I am doing a research on red cabbage leaves by changing its pH using various solutions. The picture below indicates the color change for red cabbage from pH 1 to 12.



I'm a UROP student maintaining this site as an online report of my knowledge gained through the project. The main objective of the experiments done is to change the pH of red cabbage leaf using different solutions. Furthermore, a change in pH through a wide range from 1 to 14 causes a change in the color of the leaf and thus, the experiments conducted on red cabbage is primarily to observe and note the color change in the leaf.

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