Week 12

Babbage Cabbage Video


- Searched for sample pictures depicting energy conservation and ailing ecosystem which could be used for the video.
- Helped in editing videos using Photoshop.
- Read through the voiceover text in relation to the storyboard with a fresh perspective.


- The concept provided by the pictures of energy conservation and ailing ecosystem (such as drought or dead fish floating in water) was very clear. I undertood that the world could become a better place to live in (depicted by a picture which is green and pleasant) if we abide by certain ethical rules.
- I learnt to use a few basic functions in Photoshop such as creating layers, hue, opacity, erase, brush, etc.
- From the voiceover text and the storyboard, I understood that the Babbage Cabbage video is about changing the color of cabbage by rendering information such as world issues or personal concerns as the input.

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