Week 6


The following table shows the change in color of a red cabbage leaf on the surface when the same leaf was soaked in solutions of pH 4, 7 and 10 one by one for about 20 minutes.


We see that there is not much change in the color. This could probably be a result of the scarcity of water molecules on the surface of the leaf for the acid/base to form H3O+ ions which are basically the prime reason for a change in pH and hence, the color. Another reason could be the usage of acid and base of low pH. Solutions of pH 10 and 4 are not strong bases and acids respectively. The pH range(4 to 10) is very small in this experiment. For better and precise results, the leaf should be tested with more solutions of different pH which is done in the next few experiments. Hence, there was not much of a color change.

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